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Jan 28th, 2022 20:17:03

Added Russian language

We've read a lot of your reviews. We looked at a lot of your screenshots. And we understood the truth. Many investors from the CIS use google translation to read the information on our website. It is not comfortable. since machine translation is not always correct. And in many cases the essence of the information text is lost.
We decided to translate the entire site into Russian and make a working version parallel to the English version.
Now it will be easier for investors to understand the functionality
And it's easier for us to convey the correct information

May 18th, 2021 09:22:30

✅Дорогие друзья!✅

Дорогие друзья!
Как вы уже могли увидеть, мы полностью сменили дизайн нашего монитора!
⏰Это был очень долгий и сложный процесс. Мы постарались сделать одновременно удобный и информативный сайт.
Мы надеемся что вы должным образом оцените нашу работу.

⬇⬇⬇ Главные изменения: ⬇⬇⬇
1️⃣. Новый дизайн
- переосмысленные сочетания цветов, для того чтобы ваш глаз не уставал от просмотра сайта и в то же время вы легко смогли найти полезную для вас информацию
2️⃣. Новый, уникальный функционал
- Информативный блок "Last Event", отображает крайние изменения статусов в листинге.
- Информативная диаграмма, показывает кривую новых и отработавших хайпов за период 15 дней.
- Прозрачная статистика RCB. Вы всегда можете видеть сколько есть активных запросов, количество выплаченных запросов и их суммы. Теперь следить за работой админов стало проще.
- Блок "Find the Best RCB", введите сумму которую вы хотите инвестировать и наш сайт отсортирует все проекты по величине получаемой комиссии. Уникальная функция среди всех мониторов.
3️⃣. Мобильная версия
- мы сделали оптимизацию монитора под различные смартфоны и планшеты! Теперь заказать RCB можно в любой момент!
- мы отключили все рекламные баннеры в мобильной версии сайта!!! Чтобы экономить ваш трафик. Теперь у вас есть максимально корыстный не переполненный лишней информацией интерфейс.
4️⃣. Страховки.
- Теперь большинство наших проектов будут застрахованы для большей вашей безопасности.
5️⃣. Бонусы
( - ТОП 25 инвесторов за месяц
- Социальная активность. Мы платим за ваши посты на форумах, агрегаторах и на страницах нашего монитора.
- PR бонус. Мы платим за ваше желание инвестировать с нами, даже когда проекта нету в нашем листинге.
- Все цены не финальные и будут оптимизироваться в лучшую сторону!
- Бонусы также будут дополняться, следите за новостями
6️⃣. У нас есть преимущества для хайп-админов. Не стесняйтесь писать нам.
7️⃣. Все только начинается!
- Это только начало всех наших изменений, впереди вас ждет еще много удобных и "сладких" нововведений. Самое время добавить в закладки наш сайт и начать следить за нашими новостями.
8️⃣. Мы будем благодарны за любой ваш фитбек и послушаем ваши мнения о изменениях.
❤️Спасибо что вы с нами!❤️

Mar 24th, 2021 18:56:45

As you can see, we've completely redesigned our monitor!

Dear friends!
As you can see, we've completely redesigned our monitor!
It was a very long and difficult process. We have tried to create a convenient and informative site at the same time.
We hope that you will appreciate our work properly.

Main changes:
1. New design
- rethought color combinations so that your eye does not get tired of browsing the site and at the same time you can easily find useful information for you
2. New, unique functionality
- Informative block "Last Event", displays the last status changes in the listing.
- An informative diagram showing the curve of new and scam HYIPs over a period of 15 days.
- Transparent RCB statistics. You can always see how many active requests there are, the number of paid requests and their amounts. Now it has become easier to monitor the work of admins.
- Block "Find the Best RCB", enter the amount you want to invest and our site will sort all projects by the amount of commission received. Unique feature among all monitors.
3. mobile version
- we have optimized the monitor for various smartphones and tablets! Now you can order RCB at any time!
- we have disabled all advertising banners in the mobile version of the site !!! To save your traffic. Now you have the most selfish interface not overflowing with unnecessary information.
4. Insurance.
- Now most of our projects will be insured for your greater safety.
5. Bonuses
( - TOP 25 investors per month
- Social activity. We pay for your posts on forums, aggregators and on the pages of our monitor.
- PR bonus. We pay for your desire to invest with us, even when the project is not in our listing.
- All prices are not final and will be optimized for the better!
- Bonuses will also be added, follow the news
6. We have advantages for HYIP admins. Feel free to write to us.
7. This is just the beginning!
- This is just the beginning of all our changes, there are many more convenient and "sweet" innovations ahead of you. It's time to bookmark our site and start following our news.
8. We will be grateful for any of your feedback and listen to your opinions on the changes.
Thank you for being with us!

Mar 16th, 2021 19:34:27

Bitcoin payment system is temporarily disabled

The BITCOIN payment system has been temporarily disabled.

Due to the increased demand, Bitcoin in the blockchain world started to work too slowly. This was the reason for raising the commission, which is now too high.

In order to pay RCB for $7, for example, we have to pay ~$5.5 commission...

Once fees stabilize, Bitcoin payments will be available again.

Thank you for understanding

Nov 4th, 2020 14:30:54

HYIP industry trends in autumn 2019

It is no secret that HYIP industry is one of the riskiest businesses, and it’s almost impossible to choose a common approach to reduce risks. But the short-term trend can be identified quite clearly. If we talk about the September - November 2019 season, then we can see that short-term projects practically do not leave investors the opportunity to make money, and even well-known factors that an investor should pay attention to reduce the risks in them (design, content, hosting, etc.). And analysing the projects of this autumn, we believe that investments in short-term projects will remain in the high-risk zone in the future.
On the other hand, recently, long-term projects have attracted attention. Investing in such projects makes less profit compared to short-term ones, but the stability of such investments is much higher. This shows the average lifetime of such projects presented on our monitoring - more than 180 days. Of course, such projects do not attract small investors who need to earn $ 20-30 from $ 10 deposit for 1-2 weeks, but long-term projects are not designed for them. Serious investors as deposit statistics show, such projects are the most preferred.

Separately, we would like to single out a group of projects with hourly payouts, analysing statistics, such projects are fairly stable, they have a long lifetime, but their margins are still low. But, in our opinion, such projects should be in the portfolio of the investor.

Nov 17th, 2019 12:15:51

Merry Christmas Friends!

In this magic Christmas time, we want to wish you joy, love, peace, happiness, harmony and prosperity for you and your loved ones! Let's all your dreams come true!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
EuroHyips team.

Dec 25th, 2018 02:29:59

Profitable summer

Dear investors!
Despite the heat and sun, our team is actively and persistently working on the search for new projects. Every day we will update our site. In order for our investors to have a simple but functional assistant to find the best investment projects. Thanks to a powerful server, you can quickly download the projects and tabs you need.
If you are visiting EuroHyips for the first time, then welcome to our friendly family. We will try to make your investments bring you a good profit! If you have any questions, our support team works 24/7.

EuroHyips team wishes you a warm and profitable summer!

Jul 6th, 2018 03:54:18


Dear friends!

The slogan of our site is "Monitor of safe Hyips investments". These are not just empty words. We prove this by fighting with the fake Hyip admins, and any injustice in investment projects. Now our site works under protection of one of the best antiviruses McAfee SECURE. Our site is certified by this brand.
You can see this from this official link:
Now you can personally make sure that by investing with us, all your data is under reliable protection!
Thank you for trusting us. We will do everything that you would have the reliability and comfort during your stay on our website.

Best Regards, EuroHyips Team

Jul 3rd, 2018 04:20:38

Dear friends!

Dear friends!
We moved to a more powerful server. After that, Alexa's rating shows significant losses. But our team is also actively working on the development of this monitor. If you have any comments or suggestions - write to our support or social networks. We are always open to make the site more convenient for all our users and guests. Our mission is that you can easily earn in the catalog of the best investment projects.
Regards. The Eurohyips Team

Jun 21st, 2018 13:50:42