As you can see, we've completely redesigned our monitor!

Dear friends!
As you can see, we've completely redesigned our monitor!
It was a very long and difficult process. We have tried to create a convenient and informative site at the same time.
We hope that you will appreciate our work properly.

Main changes:
1. New design
- rethought color combinations so that your eye does not get tired of browsing the site and at the same time you can easily find useful information for you
2. New, unique functionality
- Informative block "Last Event", displays the last status changes in the listing.
- An informative diagram showing the curve of new and scam HYIPs over a period of 15 days.
- Transparent RCB statistics. You can always see how many active requests there are, the number of paid requests and their amounts. Now it has become easier to monitor the work of admins.
- Block "Find the Best RCB", enter the amount you want to invest and our site will sort all projects by the amount of commission received. Unique feature among all monitors.
3. mobile version
- we have optimized the monitor for various smartphones and tablets! Now you can order RCB at any time!
- we have disabled all advertising banners in the mobile version of the site !!! To save your traffic. Now you have the most selfish interface not overflowing with unnecessary information.
4. Insurance.
- Now most of our projects will be insured for your greater safety.
5. Bonuses
( - TOP 25 investors per month
- Social activity. We pay for your posts on forums, aggregators and on the pages of our monitor.
- PR bonus. We pay for your desire to invest with us, even when the project is not in our listing.
- All prices are not final and will be optimized for the better!
- Bonuses will also be added, follow the news
6. We have advantages for HYIP admins. Feel free to write to us.
7. This is just the beginning!
- This is just the beginning of all our changes, there are many more convenient and "sweet" innovations ahead of you. It's time to bookmark our site and start following our news.
8. We will be grateful for any of your feedback and listen to your opinions on the changes.
Thank you for being with us!

Mar 16th, 2021 19:34:27