Do simple actions and get easy money from EuroHyips

We appreciate your time spent on our resources, so why not combine business with pleasure !? Now, communicating, discussing projects, posting screenshots with payments, you can not only have a good time, but also make good money at the same time

What actions do we pay for?

We are glad to introduce to you a new bonus program "Top 25 investors of the month". Can you see the box "TOP 25 INVESTOR OF MONTH" page right side. We will be provided bonus every month.

How to get bonus?
Be a member of, before request RCB for any program you need to sign in at first and of course register under our ref link in programs you join.

How it is work?
Your total investment will be calculated from the first day to the end day of the month. (if you submit RCB Requests without Login so that fund will not be calculated on your monthly top 25investor list.)

How much bonus? / monthly
We wll provide you 5$ - 200$ / monthly. Depends total your investment. Can you check the following table.

We will pay for you every month. We will pay 1st every month.

What projects are counted?
Everything, except for investments in projects with hourly plans, with an hourly redeposit

To receive the Cash Back Amount amount, you must open deposits in 2 or more projects for the current month from our monitor. Otherwise, the bonus amount will be no more than 50% Cash Back Amount

Your Deposit Cash Back Amount
1,000$ - 5,000$ $5
5,001$ - 6,000$ $7
6,001$ - 7,000$ $9
7,001$ - 8,000$ $11
8,001$ - 9,000$ $13
9,001$ - 10,000$ $15
10,001$ - 15,000$ $20
15,001$ - 18,000$  $30
18,001$ - 20,000$ $40
20,001$ - 30,000$ $60
30,001$ - 50,000$ $80
50,001$ - 70,000$ $150
70,001$ - 100,000$+ $200

We pay for the activity of our users at the rates below:

Posting on forums:
$0.01 Post in monitor topic
$0.01 Post in monitor topic
$0.01 Post in monitor topic

$0.05 Feedback about EuroHyips
(refbacks, bonuses and compensations)
$0.05 Write to HYIP page with a note that "I invested with"
(Good vote, no more 1 post in a day for the HYIP)
$0.05 Feedback about EuroHyips
(refbacks, bonuses and compensations)
$0.05 Write to HYIP page with a note that "I invested with"
(Green vote, no more 1 post in a day for the HYIP)
$0.05 Write to HYIP page with a note that "I invested with"
(Green vote, no more 1 post in a day for the HYIP)

HYIP telegram:
$0.10 Write to HYIP chanel with a note that you invested with (deposit and payments no more 1 post in a day)

Our website:
$0.03 for a comment with payment our RCB and payments no more 1 post in a day on the HYIP page on our monitor

And your favorite bonus:
+ 5% to RCB for posting on HM and ISP in the themes of our monitor. * To receive a bonus + 5% of your RCB amount, you must indicate the code “HM” and “ISP” in the “Your comment” field. Maximum 5%

Posting rules:
  • 1 - Comments in the topic of the project written after it was declared a scam are not paid.
  • 2 - Posts with payments from projects are paid only if you have invested in this project from $ 5 with one deposit using our referral link.
  • 3 - On the forums, it is necessary to post payments from the project only in the topic of this project, otherwise comments are not according to the rules, can be equated to a flood (it is not necessary to post payments from the project in general topics, articles, etc.)
  • 4 - A comment about the received bonus (quizzes, and other.) can be posted in the pages of our monitor on forums and aggregators
  • 5 - Refbacks, deposits must be posted on the page of the project to which this comment refers, there is no need to duplicate the comment on other pages. (For example, received a refback, unsubscribed in each aggregator, in the project telegram, on the forums and once on the monitor, that's all)
  • 6 - The 5% RCB bonus starts working with your next RCB request after the first comments publication on the aggregators. No need to write us "I published posts on aggregators, Where is my money?!. This bonus works only when ordering a next RCB (refback)"
  • 7 - Before submitting a report, re-read the rules (you never know you missed something)

$0.10 screen with communication from the HYIP admin

You can choose any HYIP project (for example, here, which is not on our monitoring and write to the admin an offer of cooperation with our monitoring in any free form (do not be impudent), then wait for a response (response to your proposal), from the support of the project, its administrator or any of its representatives. And it does not matter what kind of response it will be. Then take a screenshot of your correspondence, where the name of the project will be visible and send this screenshot (preferably in the form of a link) to our mail with the mark "PR bonus" indicating your perfect money wallet for payment of remuneration.

For each such screenshot we will pay $ 0.10

Screenshot example: * screen *

Important 1: you can communicate with admins in any of the ways indicated on their website, the main thing is to get a response from them (answer).

Important 2: do not write in telegrams, otherwise it is fraught with a permanent ban for your account.

Hyips Projects must be different, you can only get paid for a screenshot from each project once.

Report Forms
(We recommend Excel - calculates the amount automatically).
Our report mail:



Important! Reporting rules:

    We process reports once a week, every Monday or Tuesday.
    (send reports on SUNDAY or Monday morning)

  • 1 Later reports are not accepted and are not paid!
    Convenient forms for reports - download below (we recommend Excel!).
  • 2 - Prices can be changed, which will be announced in advance!
  • 3 - Payments are made up to 3 days (but usually much faster) to wallets
  • 4 - Please be fair, there will be no payments at all.
  • 5 - Send all questions and reports to our mail
  • 6 - Before submitting a report, re-read the rules (you never know you missed something)

How much will I earn from this?

    We answer your mental question: Aren't you ashamed to pay such a penny?
    Let's count.
    Let's say you invested in three projects on a blog and invited two friends in a week.

  • We consider:
  • - Each project will bring you Forums(0.01*3)+ Agregators (0.05*3) + Telegram (0.1) + EuroHyips (0.03) per comment = 0.31$ per day
  • - 2.17$ per week from only one project.
  • - 2.17$*3 = 6.51$ for three projects per week.
  • - 26.04$ per month.

    *And this is the minimum*
    Posting takes no more than 5-10 minutes a day.

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