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Frequently Asked Question(s) — FAQ

Newcomers and even experienced investors sometimes have many questions that they would like to get answered quickly. In this section, we have collected the most asked questions and answered them as simply as possible (the section is updated and supplemented as time goes on), we hope you will find all the information you need.
Who is EuroHyips?

EuroHyips - is monitor (blog) created by caring investors. We want to share our knowledge and create the safest investment environment for every investor. We monitor projects, and also invest personal money in high-risk investment projects.

Our team consists of experienced investors who have been selecting high-quality investment projects for earning since 2017. And our investment experience is more than ten years

What are HYIP projects (HYIPs)?

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) are investment projects that pay income to the investor from the funds invested by new investors. In other words, HYIP is a pyramid. The term "hype" is more often used to refer to the pyramid on the Internet. Usually hype projects look like investment funds.

Which HYIP projects can be invested, and which ones are better not invest?

Any investment is fraught with risk to some extent, and investing in HYIPs is an investment with increased risk, while the greater the income, the higher the risk will be. However, experienced HYIP investors have learned to distinguish high-quality projects from cheap fakes, which reduces the risk of losing all funds. New investors should know a few useful tips that will help you save money and avoid becoming a hostage to banal scammers. To begin with, pay attention to how well the project itself is developed. It is clear that with a crooked design, impudently copied texts from other resources or a large number of grammatical errors, the impression of the project will be minimal, as well as the admin's costs for its development and design. You should also analyze the marketing conditions, if the percentage of profitability is indicated as excessively high, say from 20% per day, then it will probably work no more than 1-2 days. Basically, such projects are designed for quick collection of deposits and early closure.

Before making the final choice of a project, get in the habit of visiting well-known investment forums and reading reviews from other users. On the forums, you can always get useful information about the date of creation, the timing of the project, find out the opinions of other investors about the admin, and more.

Take a look at the banner ads. Usually reliable and high-quality projects acquire advertising space on popular forums.

If the deposit is made, can the project stop paying?

Surely this can happen. This happens quite often, especially with unreliable programs. In the average population, the performance of HYIPs lasts about 3-5 months, larger representatives can function for about a year. Based on these indicators, you can choose a site for investment.

Remember that most hypes are financial pyramids that function through new investments. When the influx of deposits ceases to overlap the costs of payments to participants, the project ends its work...

How to find out the estimated life of the project and find out the level of reliability?

You won't get a definitive answer to this question anywhere. The reliability of the project is checked by all existing methods, analyzing external and technical data, investment conditions, the amount of promotion costs and much more, while relying on their own instincts and the psychological mood of other participants. Very often, the manager himself at the initial stage cannot know how long his creation will live, so the best advice for investors would be to divide the available amount into contributions to several projects. This method of investing is correctly called Diversification, which allows the investor to protect himself from a major loss in one project.

How much should I invest?

To determine the size of the contribution, it is necessary to take into account factors such as the level of reliability of the HYIP, investor skills, financial capabilities and other points. If you are a beginner investor, you need to start with small amounts. You will learn how to work with functionality, begin to accumulate experience, exaggerate your own capital, as soon as you feel independent confidence in the choice, you can think about serious investments. An excellent strategy is to invest small amounts in various projects, which in general will give a decent profit with minimal risk.

What is refback (RCB)?

Refback is a return % to the investor of the amount of his deposit. It is enough to register using the referral link so that we pay the agreed amount.

How to get a refback?

To receive a refback, you need to register in the project by clicking on the link of our monitor (before registering, clear the cache and cookies if you went to this project through other links). Then you should contribute to the project. Next, you need to click on the "Order RCB" button in the project form on our monitor, indicating all the requested information. After fulfilling all the requirements, the amount of the referral commission will be credited to your wallet. Payments come within 36 hours, but in fact much earlier.

What is insurance?

Insurance consists in compensating for losses in a particular project to our partners in the event of a scam, which allows us to minimize losses.

We try to compensate the losses of our partners as much as possible by paying insurance for most projects that leave our blog. Basically, this is from 65% to 100% of our team's loss coverage.

Types and rules of insurance

On our monitoring, there are 2 types of deposit insurance:

* Insurance with a general fund on a lifetime basis

* Insurance up to full breakeven of deposits.

The most important factors for 100% insurance of your contribution in insurance with a general fund are:

- Register using our affiliate link

- The deposit must be opened after the publication of the news about the opening of insurance for this project

- Deposits for insurance up to breakeven are distributed in our telegram chat, which can be accessed by clicking the appropriate button on the main page of the monitor

There are also a number of rules for insurance to breakeven:

- Wait for the announcement of insurance in our telegram chat

- Book a place for insurance in the project, after its announcement in the chat

- After placement, you need to register using the referral link of our monitor in the corresponding project (carefully check the upline during registration).

- Invest your deposit in the project, while not forgetting to unsubscribe in the telegram chat

- Due to the fact that insurance compensation payments are made from our own funds, we ask each user of our monitoring to unsubscribe about receiving insurance compensation and refbacks in our threads on forums and social networks. You can find a list of all the necessary links in the telegram chat, an automatic letter about the paid RCB.

- Priority is given to active investors who regularly open deposits through EuroHyips

How to apply for loss compensation?

1. After the project has stopped paying, the status of the project is changed to "PROBLEM" or "NOT PAYING", or we announced the news that the insurance is open - on the main page of our website, click on the «Insurance» button.

2. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions before applying.

3. Fill out the form

– Select the name of the project with the submitted refback from the list;

– Enter your working E-mail;;

– Enter the login in the project;

– Enter the password in the project; (this is necessary for us to verify the data)

– Enter your received RCB excluding bonuses (if any);

– Enter the amount of payments from the project;

– The amount of loss is calculated automatically;

- Select your wallet;

– Enter the payment system ID;

– Insert a link to your comment about the created deposit;

– Click on the "Confirm" button to complete the operation.


As you could understand from this article, our monitoring blog has a lot of advantages that can simplify and improve the life of both an experienced and new investor.

Using our blog is beneficial and profitable thanks to insurance funds and various cash bonuses.

In addition, you reduce your time spent on selecting and analyzing projects for your investment portfolio.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us. We will advise and tell you everything.

Join the team and make money online with us!

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