HYIP industry trends in autumn 2019

It is no secret that HYIP industry is one of the riskiest businesses, and it’s almost impossible to choose a common approach to reduce risks. But the short-term trend can be identified quite clearly. If we talk about the September - November 2019 season, then we can see that short-term projects practically do not leave investors the opportunity to make money, and even well-known factors that an investor should pay attention to reduce the risks in them (design, content, hosting, etc.). And analysing the projects of this autumn, we believe that investments in short-term projects will remain in the high-risk zone in the future.
On the other hand, recently, long-term projects have attracted attention. Investing in such projects makes less profit compared to short-term ones, but the stability of such investments is much higher. This shows the average lifetime of such projects presented on our monitoring - more than 180 days. Of course, such projects do not attract small investors who need to earn $ 20-30 from $ 10 deposit for 1-2 weeks, but long-term projects are not designed for them. Serious investors as deposit statistics show, such projects are the most preferred.

Separately, we would like to single out a group of projects with hourly payouts, analysing statistics, such projects are fairly stable, they have a long lifetime, but their margins are still low. But, in our opinion, such projects should be in the portfolio of the investor.

Nov 17th, 2019 12:15:51