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Bridgewater Broker Ltd details
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Bridgewater Broker Ltd
Monitored : 68 Days
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    $50 / $10
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    Nov 25th, 2023
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    69 days
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  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Tron
  • USDT.TRC20
  • USDT.BEP20
  • BinanceCoin(BNB)

Plan: 0.75% daily for 133 business days, 1% daily for 100 business days, and 1.25% daily for 80 business days (deposit returned, deposit can be released at any time after 1 day with a 10% fee)

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Bridgewater Broker Ltd description:
Investing with Bridgewater Broker Ltd can provide you with substantial returns with minimal risk. We have an in-depth understanding of the behaviors of the Market Makers. Our insight involves recognizing their tactics, such as inducing fear and greed to trigger emotional and irrational responses from retail traders. This is achieved through sudden market moves, spike candles, news releases, and seemingly inexplicable price behaviors. Subsequently, the Market Makers strategically target stops and clear areas with liquidity, compelling traders into the margin, heavy drawdown, and eventually pushing them out of the game. Hence, the reason why 95% of traders experience losses in the foreign exchange market daily. The Bridgewater Broker Ltd's trading team continues to have success because we adhere to strict risk management rules along with a proven trading plan adaptable to all market conditions. Our distinctive understanding of how Market Makers operate in the foreign exchange market empowers our traders to make informed decisions and consistently achieve profitability.
Rating Info Comment
Very Good
Jan 19th, 2024 15:55:42
Payment Received - good work
Very Good
Jan 18th, 2024 09:07:41
Payment Received - good work
Very Good
Jan 9th, 2024 17:27:06
Payment Received - good work
Very Good Kontelena
Jan 4th, 2024 08:44:44
Выплата!10.50 has been successfully sent to your Tron account TPrJ** Transaction batch is f38433ed3783588b6d6cf6edfb834bdded60f7022aa08b30d4362c13df7473e7. Bridgewater Broker Ltd
Very Good
Jan 1st, 2024 22:55:09
Payment Received - good work
Very Good
Dec 18th, 2023 13:22:43
Payment Received - good work
Very Good
Dec 13th, 2023 21:15:04
Payment Received - good work
Very Good
Nov 30th, 2023 08:31:30
Payment Received - good work

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