Alternative version of

A team of enthusiasts from Hong Kong has launched an alternative version of - this site will connect buyers and sellers of crypto-currencies, based on their residence location. Users can meet and exchange monero for cash or buy a crypto-currency from a local seller.

Like the currency itself, site also sticks to confidentiality, reported its founders. After the site was launched, user “optocomp” stated in the message on Reddit forum:

"We do not store IP-logs and we do not require users to have e-mail addresses. We store logs of trade chats for 180 days for notification of a dispute. The logs are encrypted and all attachments downloaded into the chat are encrypted, all this is done to prevent unauthorized use."

Last week Monero hit the headlines after its price increased by 80% in one day since the price of coins rose sharply from 35 to 95 dollars. The rise in prices was followed by the announcement that the South Korean Bithumb exchange will soon add monero as a trading pair.

The Crypto currency was officially introduced in the listing for Bithumb on August 27 and reached a record of 153.31 dollars per day. According to CoinMarketCap, one coin at the moment costs about $130.

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Sep 13th, 2017 06:04:45